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Global M22 5G PTT PoC Long-Range Walkie Talkie(5000KM)

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  • 4G Communication Technology: Ensures faster and more stable communication, suitable for various work scenarios.
  • Two-Way Communication: Facilitates communication and collaboration among team members, enhancing work efficiency.
  • Long-Distance Communication Range: Suitable for scenarios requiring long-distance communication, maintaining clear and stable call quality.
  • Durable Design: Aluminum alloy shell, shockproof and resistant to harsh environments and working conditions.
  • High-Brightness LED Flashlight: Provides additional lighting function, enhancing convenience of use.
  • Simple Operation: Clear and intuitive interface design, easy to use, meeting various user needs.

Technical Specifications:

  • Intercom Type: Public network intercom
  • Intercom Distance: No distance limitation, suitable for communication needs in different scenarios.
  • Exterior Material: Aluminum alloy shell, lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Machine Weight: 197g (including battery excluding clip)
  • Number of Groups: Supports up to 200 groups, suitable for large team communication.
  • Battery Capacity: 6800 mAh, long-lasting use without frequent charging.
  • Charging Method: Equipped with TYPE-C interface, convenient and fast charging, meeting long-term use needs.
  • Machine Size: 7.8CM * 5.6CM * 3.3CM, easy to carry.
  • Standby Time: Up to 110-200 hours, not easily interrupted.
  • Frequency Range: Supports TD-LTD/LTE FDD/WCDMA frequency range, covering multiple communication networks.
  • Working Voltage: 4V, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, ensuring stable operation of the equipment.
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C, suitable for various environments, stable and reliable.
  • Receiver Sensitivity: -98dbm, ensuring stable communication signal.
  • Audio Transmission Mode: 2W@10% distortion, ensuring clear and distinguishable call quality.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Construction Sites: Ensures real-time communication between various departments at construction sites, coordinating construction progress and improving work efficiency.
  • Outdoor Exploration: Essential communication tool for adventure teams, maintaining close contact for safety in complex and changing terrains and environments.
  • Security Patrols: Enhances security personnel's work efficiency and safety with quick response and effective communication.
  • Event Organization: Facilitates seamless communication among different departments for smooth coordination and management of large-scale events.
  • Logistics Distribution: Improves efficiency and accuracy of cargo information delivery and driver communication for timely route adjustments in the logistics distribution industry.

Advantages and Guarantees:

  • High-Quality Communication: Provides stable and reliable communication connectivity, ensuring efficient communication among team members and smooth workflow.
  • Durable and Reliable: Designed to withstand various harsh environments and working conditions, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment.
  • Payment Security Guarantee: Utilizes advanced encryption technology to safeguard payment security, providing users with peace of mind during shopping.
  • Pre-sales and After-sales Service: Offers professional shopping advice and comprehensive after-sales support, resolving user problems and needs in a timely manner.

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